Table Top Infrared Cooker Hotplate


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  • Push button control
  • A multi-purpose furnace
  • in winter, can be a warmer
  • Power adjust 5speed
  • Electronic design
  • Fire and Arbitrary choice
  • Automatic power off after cooking
  • Suitable for all metal and nnon-metallic pan heating use
  • Energy saving
  • No body radiation



Eco friendly: No flame cooking, No Smoke and radiation makes it safe and eco friendly,

Portability: Easy to carry and handle thereby user friendly,

Energy saving: Direct and quick heat ensures minimal loss of energy, Safe and healthy: Faster cooking ensures all the freshness remains in the food, Low maintenance:

The flat cooking surface of glass is quite simple to clean and maintains proper hygiene, Intelligent: In built programmes automatically adjust the power and temperature for cooking different foods

Digital LED display for easy operations, Variable power control


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