Cway Water Dispenser with fridge and freezeer


  •  Freezer / Sterilizer incorporated
  • Push-in button controlled
  •  Separate hot & cold outlet
  • Digital display screen
  •  Mix of Black & Silver colour
  • Adjustable temperature setting
  • Temperature indicator

CWAY 58B20… is water dispensing system(s) that entails a revolutionary way of drinking water. The new improved Cway water dispenser has a two(2) way dispensing outlet that dispenses hot and cold water, it has double doors, a fridge/freezer in the below, it has a water collector and a replaceable puncture pencil. It equipped with an automatic temperature control mechanism as well as an energy saving mechanism

Since 2000, CWAY Water has been committed to providing clean hygienic water and innovative water dispensers with accessories and technology that supports healthy water drinking habit for all.


With an assortment of products packaged in line with international best practices and cover a wide range of uses, CWAY water is a welcome presence in homes, restaurants, airports, offices, parties and more.


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